After witnessing the prowess of Solaris and Cho'Bak in the 2nd Supernatural War God released his suppression of human's supernatural gifts.

From this time onward humans started to exhibit strange and wondrous abilities ranging from harnessing and expelling supernatural energy in many different ways, communing with spirits and animals, and probably the most difficult to adapt to was the ability to identify other supernatural creatures such as demons, werewolves, vampires and angels.

All of these creatures were passed on throughout the generations of mankind as myths and legends. Eventually, the stories surrounding these creatures reached a point where humans believed that they had never existed at all.

The Awakening of humans was a trying and difficult time and human leadership ranging from Government and Religious leaders were aware of The Truth and chose to hide it from the rest of mankind. This decision would prove to be the leading cause to the events the led up to the Worldwide Civil War and the destruction of Jerusalem.