Horace Ficino (Hammer) is a 20-year old human man raised in the Starline zone of Brindisi, Italy, which is a coastal city on the heel of the Italian boot. He grew up poor and mostly ignored, the middle child of a single mother.

At the age of 16, he was raped by a villainous character determined by the GM, who was passing through Brindisi at the time. Horace, who is gay, thought that his attacker was an attractive, older man who was romantically interested in him, only to find that he was, in fact, a brutal psychopath. When Horace’s mother blamed him the attack, saying that he had brought it on himself, he left home forever.

Horace worked a series of odd jobs over the next year, aimlessly moving through Italy. While working as a groundskeeper at a luxury villa on Lake Maggiore, he encountered, one night, a mysterious mystical ceremony consisting of a dozen hooded women chanting in an unknown language. Horace felt drawn to walk into their circle. As they chanted, the world around him grew smaller--or, rather, he grew bigger.

After he woke up the next morning in the rags of his clothing, Horace found that he could, at will, increase his size. While he normally stands 5 feet, 4 inches tall, when he enlarges, he is over 10 feet tall. His strength and durability similarly increase in size.Horace found that his increased size rendered him a freak in the eyes of many other humans. He soon signed on with the Marvelous Detectives as a way to earn a living. He is developing a crush on a party member, which is both appealing to him and a painful reminder of his past experience with rape.