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For those just starting or the uninitiated, AngelBlood is fantasy pen&paper system set in a fantasy future on Earth. The history of this rich world is inspired by our own history here on Earth. Having it's own major fantasy historical events take place simultaneously with the major historical events that are considered common knowledge. Taking place in the year 2157, the world of man is no longer bound by science and logic. Huge corporations have enlarged and divided the biggest cities in the world which are now referred to as Corporate Zones. Smaller cities and regions of the world that were left out of the expansion of these Corporate Zones are referred to as Freezones.

Begin the Journey

Curious how the world you know became a sea of corporate corruption and demonic monster battles?

Residents and Rivals

It's important to know your neighbors and whether they think you're a delicacy. Familiarize yourself with the residents of this new world.

Looking for Work

Even adventurers need to eat, but mercenary jobs are risky and the church always asks for donations, so why not look up your local Corporate Zone for some quick cash and glory


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